Installation of acoustic Barrisol® false ceiling

Venezia, VE, Italia

Installation of acoustic false ceiling in the new Sala Darsena of Biennale of the cinema of Venice. The ceiling was made by Barrisol® stretch sheets in the colour black opaque and with the new acoustic perforation A15 Barrisol® acoustique.   The range of Barrisol® solutions dedicated to the acoustic offers some stretch sheets that allow the absorption of sounds: in this way we will reduce the sound pollution of public locations. An example is the Sala of Biennale of Venice. Savi used these stretch sheets to limit the effect of reverberation that is the antagonistic of good audibility and sound comfort. The installation of the stretch textile to realise an acoustic false ceiling prevents infact the phenomenon of sound diffraction.  Barrisol® stretch ceiling works as an absorbent background. In this way surfaces can take part actively to the creation of a quality of the sound without precedent about the surfaces treatment. Verify Savi systmes, you will be amazed!   Project of the Study Arch. Brandmeyer/ Biennale of Venice See the website of LaBiennale